Guest blog: Setting up the Perinatal Mental Health Network

In September I set up a community of practice called The Perinatal Mental Health Network. I was so nervous and It felt like a huge step to take. I was worried about being a facilitator and whether I would do justice to the cause. But what I did have was passion, passion to want to try to improve the care we give families and I wanted to bring together people who felt the same way too.

So with encouragement and help from Jane Pightling I decided to be brave and go for it. I’m so glad I did, since then our little community is slowly building and I have been able to join up some amazing people. I’m still just finding my feet and learning all I can about the Co-Creation Network and the communities of practice, but I am so looking forward to developing the Perinatal Mental Health Network and having some great discussions and hopefully looking at ways to help families, reduce stigma and raise awareness of perinatal mental health.

Please join us our journey has just begun!