Introducing… the Support Team!

There are some names which seem to pop up quite a lot in the Co-Creation Network. And if you’re new to the Network or have yet to make it to a Basecamp event, you might not have a Scooby who these people are and what they do, so I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to… the Co-Creation Network Support Team.

Jane Pightling

Jane is an arch networker, stealthy coacher and all-round Co-Creator. Jane can magic connections out of thin air for you, help you realise stuff that you didn’t know you knew, and is a staunch advocate of Fika.

If you are looking for some advice about how to connect with other people who share your improvement interests, or you need some clarity when it comes to looking at the bigger picture for you / your Community of Practice, you can’t do much better than bending Jane’s ear over coffee and cake. Jane worked for Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy as a Leadership and OD Consultant when the Co-Creation Network was set up, and continues to consult on it.

Angela Green

Angela is our Mindfulness Practitioner extraordinaire (also Facilitator for the Mindfulness Community) and is REALLY GOOD at explaining the theory behind Communities of Practice. Watch her introductory video here:

She hosts sessions at Basecamp events and is a great person to talk to if you are starting on your CoP journey and looking for ways to define your domain, invite people and help to strengthen the relationship in your core membership.

Lucy Scarisbrick

That’s me! I look after the content of this website, and Co-Creation Network comms – the monthly newsletter and @CCNetworkcom Twitter account. I help to organise the Basecamp events on behalf of Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy, and sort out meetings for the Support Team.

I’m usually your first point of contact if you have any questions about info you find on the website or if you want to know more about the Co-Creation Network in general – email me here. I’m also a good person to start with if you have a question about starting up a Community of Practice or had a burning question about your CoP – I might not be the right person to speak to but I reckon I would know who would be.


At the moment, the Support Team is its own CoP. We hold regular meetings (in person / over the phone / via webex) to talk about issues, burning questions, discover what is useful to maintain the momentum of both ourselves and the Co-Creation Network, and between us we offer up our skills to see our CoP/ the Network develop. We often check-in and check-out of our meetings – a couple of minutes’ silence – to bring us in to and out of meeting focused on its purpose, and then tell each other the words and images that space allows to come to mind.

We are a pretty small core membership for an established CoP, and very glad to have the help of other Co-Creation Network members like John Walsh, Erin Payne and Sarah De Biase, who join us when they can and kindly offer their thoughts and a fresh perspective. In time, the Support Team will become less defined by its membership, with more input from members who will offer what they can when they can to make the Co-Creation Network self-supporting.


Mystery Machine image by I Love Fun Toys is licensed under CC by 2.0