Website top tips – the sequel

Firstly, take a look at our original Website top tips post here. This will give you some good advice about how to let other members know you have arrived at the Co-Creation Network and help you make connections, get stuck in to conversations and share in the knowledge the Network holds.

If you’ve got to grips with the basics and you’re looking to get more from the website and make it do the work for you, here are some of my suggestions below:

Staying connected

  • Introduce Yourself! Seriously, please do so in the forums for the Communities you have joined and the General Discussion Forum here. Let other Co-Creators know a bit about you and your interests, and get to know them too.
  • If you want to check what forums or topics you have subscribed to, there is a section on your personal profile menu which will list them for you. You can find it on your personal page > forums menu > subscriptions. Subscribing to topics/ forums also means you receive an automated email from the website so you can be notified of updates without needing to visit the website and log in first.
  • Follow @CCNetworkcom on Twitter too for more conversations, useful links, and updates.

Making contributions to the website

  • Forum posts vs updates. You will see in private Communities there is the option to post an update – this is not the same as a forum post! A forum post will keep archived in the forum, will not be lost and can be replied to as and when necessary. An update is not archived and will be pushed from the top of the activity news feed for the Community quickly. In short, if you want to start a conversation and keep it saved for future learning or to keep going back to, use the forum. If you want to make a quick comment like saying hi, use the update feed.
  • You can now post a private message to any account in the Co-Creation Network, without needing to send a friendship request first. There is also a super-handy group messaging function if you need it.
  • Tagging your forum posts and docs is a really good thing. As the amount of content grows on this website, tagging your own content with relevant key words will make it easy for members to search for what interests them and make connections with you.
  • Wikithe library is OPEN! You can upload resources to share with the whole Network via the Wiki page here. Anything relating to being a part of a Community of Practice you’re welcome to add, and all members have rights to upload and comment.

Look and feel

  • To personalise your own page a little more, you can change the cover photo to your preferred image (see the camera icon top left of the cover photo). This is a fairly large area to cover, the recommended file size is 1030 pixels across by 320 pixels down, and the file type to use is JPEG. By using the recommended file size and type, this will make sure the image when it’s applied to your page looks sharp instead of fuzzy, and it hasn’t been stretched or skewed to fit.
  • You can also now change your username! Some of the older members who had their accounts migrated from a previous incarnation of the Co-Creation Network Website had a username created from their email address, which is a bit unwieldy. You can now have a username of your choice by going into your profile>settings>change username. Voila!
  • I find it difficult to read big chunks of text online, and I found it frustrating that line breaks I wanted to put in to forum posts didn’t appear on the published post. You can get round this by using the tag <br> in between your lines of text to create the break, or you can use shift + enter for the same effect.

As always, please contact me if you’re having problems navigating the website and I can talk you through it.


Image via Creative Commons