Ways to store your docs

You may have noticed that we have a new way of storing the documents uploaded to this website. This is part of the ongoing maintenance to make sure the website works and as its knowledge bank grows, that you have ways of archiving docs that make sense to keep together, and ways to collaborate too.

We looked around for a number of solutions, as one of the key things that the Network has fedback to us is the need to be able to collaborate on/ edit documents already uploaded to the website. Google Drive came up time and again as an ideal way around this – however, this type of cloud-based file sharing is not compatible with many health and social care IT systems, and not everyone wants to have to set up a gmail account to allow full access to the Drive, so we had to give it a miss. Other systems we looked at had a cost attached, weren’t fully tested or would fall foul of the same IT firewall issues as Google Drive does.

The new docs system integrated in to the website covers off most of the functionality that we have been looking for.

  • When creating a new doc, you can assign it to an existing or newly created folder, to keep docs on the same topic in one place.
  • By tagging your doc with keywords, you make it visible to people searching for that word on the website (the title of the document will be returned in the search engine results, not its content).
  • You can collaborate or edit text by using the ‘content’ box on the doc to add comments or amendments, and the history of the edits (who and when) will be saved.
  • If you have an uploaded file you want to collaborate on, I would recommend setting up the new doc, attaching the ‘version 1’ file and then your CoP can upload ‘version 2,3, etc’ as subsequent attached files to the same doc. This will keep a history of its creation and you can check that you have all amendments included in the final version. Click on the image below to open in a new window and expand it.

Adding a new document - screenshot

I hope this is helpful and allows a better way for you to work together on your CoP using the website. As always, give me a shout if you get stuck.


Image via Creative Commons