Informal Learning in Healthcare Workshop

Co-Creation Network member @mickyk is hosting a workshop 21st July at the University of Leeds which we thought would be right up your street. Please see the info below, and get in touch with Micky Kerr directly if you need any more information. You can also download the flyer here if you would like to pass this on to colleagues who may be interested.

Informal Learning in the Healthcare Workplace
How technology can support you and your communities

Thursday 21st July, 10am-4.30pm

University of Leeds, LS2 9JT

Register by emailing the team here.

  • Find out about a range of technology tools that can be used to support informal learning at the workplace –both individual learning & learning within teams and communities.
  • Try out the tools developed, with healthcare professionals, by the Learning Layers project.
  • Contribute to the continuing co-design and improvement of these tools.
  • Leave with a collection of informal learning resources, apps and links in your own Learning Toolbox on your smartphone or tablet.

Learning Layers in Healthcare
This workshop is based on work undertaken in the Learning Layers*EU research project. For 3 years we have been working with UK healthcare professionals to:

  • understand informal learning (learning as you do your job) in the healthcare workplace
  • identify where technology can support this informal learning
  • co-design technology tools to provide this support.

The tools are currently being piloted in a range of different healthcare workplace settings.
The workshop will be led by the Leeds Institute of Medical Education (University of Leeds) and Bradford Districts CCG staff, who have been leading the healthcare work for Learning Layers.

The Workshop
The workshop will focus on how technology can be used to support informal learning in the healthcare workplace, for clinicians, administrators, support staff, inter-professional teams and communities.
A key part of the workshop will be hands-on use of the Learning Layers tools allowing you to explore, and give feedback on, how these tools can support individuals and groups. This structured, interactive part of the workshop forms part of the Learning Layers evaluation study. Besides the chance to try out the tools and engage in discussions with other professionals, the researchers and developers; you will also take away with you a collection of informal learning resources, apps & links in your own Learning Toolbox.

Lunch will be provided. Entry is free but places are limited so please register by email above.

The Tools
The workshop will provide an overview of a range of technology tools (social media, cloud computing, apps) that can be used to support informal learning.
It will also provide you with hands-on experience of using some of the Learning Layers tools:
Bits and Pieces – a web-based tool for collecting and making sense out of informal learning experiences at work
Living Documents – a shared document creation environment
Confer – an application for teams to explore ideas and reach decisions
Learning Toolbox – a flexible, mobile-based, context aware

Image used via Creative Commons