Health Innovation Network CoP Brochure

Some of you may have met @katherinejoel at the 2016 Winter Basecamp, she is the network manager for the Patient Safety focused Communities of Practice hosted by the HIN, South London’s Academic Health Science Network.

Katherine, along with colleague Melissa Ream and advisor Myron Rogers have created a brochure to document the journeys of their CoPs so far, and invite you to make links with any of the Communities with domains that you are passionate about. The brochure is also a great resource with great key ‘start-up’ information if you’re looking to bring your own Community together, plus how to keep it going and how to measure your successes. There is lots of brilliant learning in here whether you’re new to the CoP game or part of an already flourishing Community so please do download the PDF here and have a read! I’ll be using it from now on as background info to give out to potential new Facilitators.

Many thanks to Katherine, Melissa and Myron for creating the brochure and sharing their learning. I have a few hard copies spare, so please get in touch if you would like one posting to you.