Maintaining Momentum

Although you may have every intention of contributing something to your Community of Practice, stuff happens and time vanishes. It gets to a point where the longer you leave it, the more insurmountable it feels to get going again and that is off-putting in itself.

When I was migrating documents on this website recently, I found some really useful bits and pieces posted by @jane-pightling in the CoP for Facilitators which I will share with you here. This is to bump it back out there as it’s some great learning but also because this doesn’t just apply to the Facilitators of each CoP, anyone involved in a Community can make these contributions and when we put our heads together there is the opportunity to create the collective knowledge to populate the CoP space with, strengthen the relationships of the Community, take the weight of responsibility of maintaining momentum from one person, make the Community accountable for its own management and direction.

One action creates multiple valuable reactions -#freetheripple 😉

Here’s a bit of a starter from Jane, and please feel free to add anything else in the comments, that you have found useful:

Managing your group in less than 30 minutes

Increasing member participation

10 tips to reinvigorate your group


Image via Creative Commons