Where are you on your journey?

I love this quiz from Nesta, about gauging where you are on your innovation journey – which can so easily be applied to your Community of Practice and help you put in to words how you and your Community feel about where you’re at.

You might find it useful to do the quiz independently of one another, and then take a look at differences in perception of where your Community thinks it has got to, and what direction to head in.


Those lovely Nesta folk have also partnered with the Open University and the Rockefeller Foundation to create DIY Learn – an online learning programme in Innovation. There are 10 modules you can access depending on your knowledge gaps, which are based on Nesta’s DIY toolkit.

See the video below for an introduction to Nesta’s DIY toolkit – a collection of practical social innovation tools for you to mix and match:

Here is the link for DIY Learn (free to access upon registration)

Here is the link for the DIY toolkit (free download)

Some of this might help you define, or refine, your Community of Practice domain and membership and bring about the ‘what next?’ for you.

Image via Creative Commons