The website – what’s new?

It’s been a long time coming and sorry for the delays, but looks like we made it! The website has had a number of improvements made to it based upon what we knew didn’t work, and what some of our membership had asked for in terms of changes to functionality (we surveyed the COP for Facilitators back in Summer 2015). The look and feel as you may have already twigged is the same, so here is a rundown on the work we have completed:

Site speed and other weird, glitchy stuff

The website used to take ages to load a page, sometimes it would time out and the page wouldn’t load at all, forum posts would disappear after submission and so on. We have moved the website to another server which is better able to handle website traffic and uploading new content so your user experience will run more smoothly, quickly and be right first time.

Offputting account registration

The automated emails the website sent out for new account registration gave the wrong information, and didn’t advise the new user that we have a ‘two-step’ verification process whereby all new accounts are verified manually so that we can avoid spam accounts abusing the site and posting links to nasty stuff. We tried a number of times and ways to workaround this but had not found a permanent solution – until now! Hurray! A new user is emailed with the info about the verification process and avoids feeling confused and frustrated about not being able to log in yet.


Forgotten your username? Annoyed that you can’t log in without it? Be annoyed no more: you can now log in using the email address you signed up to the website with. You can also change your username via your profile page > settings > change username.

Shared Co-Creation Network resources (Wiki)

We now have pages on the website where you can view, download and add to lots of really useful stuff around Communities of Practice in general, or a Community of Practice domain in particular. The Wiki page is there as the CoP public library; resources to get you going, presentations / handouts / videos from our previous events, CoP learning from other sources – and anything else you would like to contribute. All members can add to the Wiki.

CoP resources (Docs)

You will also see a separate Docs page, which looks very similar to the Wiki (it functions in the same way), but the difference is that the uploaded Doc this time is assigned to a particular CoP – so only members of that CoP can read the full content. This Docs page replaces the previous ‘Documents’ store and has had anything uploaded to ‘Documents’ previously migrated over to it (if you think something is missing from your CoP Doc store please email Lucy). The main reasons for this change were to add functionality to collaborate on docs, and to make a CoP doc store searchable. See the blog post here for more info about how Docs works.

Events Calendar

A quick and easy way for the Network to get a feel for what other CoPs are up to. The idea is that the Events calendar lists not only the Network-wide events like Basecamp, but also the individual CoP meetings taking place – so if you wanted to go and find out more you can do. Get in touch if you have an event you would like to add to the Calendar.

Contributions from members

This is your Network and its strength lies in sharing how things are going for you and your CoP. I can make a quick change to your account settings so that you can add blogs and events to the website yourself without needing to go through me. If you are interested in being a regular contributor please get in touch.

General Discussion Forum

A public forum has been added here so that folks can get to know each other, outside of belonging to a particular CoP. Get chatting.

One last thing…

Along with changing to a new server, we changed tech support for the website. A huge thank you to Jaspal Bagral, Michael Rooney and the Improvement Academy for their support not just for the website but the Co-Creation Network too.


Image via Creative Commons