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Something we have been trying to get right for a while with the Co-Creation Network website is providing a way for members to share learning across the Network, over and above sharing within a Community of Practice virtual space. As the Network grows, new Communities spring up, and our knowledge bank expands, the greater the need for it to be archived and searchable so that new members and CoPs can benefit from learning we have already uncovered.

We were also looking for a way that members could add to this learning or collaborate on it as new experiences and evidence occur. This is how we have arrived at the Wiki page, a plugin compatible with our WordPress website. Here’s a guide to using, commenting and adding your own content to the Wiki, plus a few community rules on the kind of content to add.

Searching the Wiki for uploaded content

  • The Wiki already has a knowledge bank built up of useful docs from the or sourced by Support Team and resources from guest speakers at Basecamp events.If you know what you are looking for, then you can use the search box on the Wiki page to enter the keyword and find the entry.
  • Be aware that using the search box embedded on the Wiki page will also return content with the same keyword posted elsewhere on the website. This search is filtered by where on the website the keyword can be found; head to the ‘Docs’ section of the returned search to find the Wiki page you are looking for.
  • If you want to have a browse by topic, click on ‘Filter by: Tag’ to bring up a list of tags used in the Wiki. Click on the tag you would like to explore and it will bring up a list of all Wiki entries using it.

Adding to or editing uploaded content

  • The Wiki is there for the community to collaborate on, to make the learning available as current and useful as possible. There may be something you have learned having used the Support Team’s CoP start up docs for example, that you think is valuable for other CoPs to know too.
  • All logged-in members are able to add a comment to a Wiki entry. Click on the Wiki entry title to read it and you will see a comment box underneath for you to share your thoughts.
  • All logged-in members are able to edit a Wiki entry depending on the permissions set by the doc author (more on this below). Once you have clicked in to the Wiki entry, you will see an ‘edit’ tab in the sub-menu. You can add or amend the text in the content box, and delete or attach more files. The website will keep a log of changes made of this type. This function is handy if you’re looking for comments or collaboration on a draft version of a doc, or say you wanted to build up a one-stop shop of links to articles about Communities of Practice that you invite others to add to.
  • Check this blog post on ways to store your docs here, which applies to using the Wiki too.

Adding your own content

  • All logged-in members are welcome to add Wiki entries.
  • Click on the ‘create your own doc’ button to add the title, a synopsis or your text / links / graphics / video etc in the content box, and/ or attach files.
  • In the ‘access’ section, keep your Wiki entry accessible to ‘logged in users’. If you would prefer that your entry is not edited by others, you can change the editing rights to ‘the doc author only’ in this section.
  • Please tag your doc! This will help others to find it when searching keywords across the website.

Wiki entries etiquette

  • Please keep the Wiki to learning that is useful to all Communities of Practice, regardless of their domain.
  • If you have learning to share that relates to a CoP’s specific domain, you can add it to that CoP’s doc store.
  • Please credit your sources and provide links to the original where possible.

As always, get in touch with me if you need help, and happy Wiki-ing.


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