Guest blog “Putting ideas into practice” – William Charlton

In terms of blogging, I don’t yet have much to blog about (this might change soon – I have a plan) but I have opinions – which might be helpful if for no other reason than they might initiate debate.

My experience with Communities of Practice is minimal except in exploratory meetings with like-minded potential co-creators. I have been in research mode for a while now which seems to suit me well. It started with a curiosity about what I wanted to be, now I am grown up. Then to realising I still had growing to do. Then to where I might be best placed. Then to why the world is the way it is. Then to what can I do about improving it, given what I now understand – I am very aware that my vision might be false but so far it seems to be holding up.

The need to start putting ideas into practice is pressing but the picture I have of what does work and what does not, is pretty clear – I just need to test it all out. I will need friends. Understanding my lack of knowledge and experience in the care sector brought me here, via Jane Pightling.

I liked the DIY toolkit. I’m a big fan of tools though some of the ones in the DIY toolkit wouldn’t be among my favourites (SWOT comes to mind), though even those have their place. I can see an advantage of having a single place for “tools” within the CoP network, maybe with comments, ratings and caveats from members who have used them.

Here are some additions to the DIY toolkit you might find useful:

There are no doubt plenty more but what would be really useful would be feedback on how these have and haven’t worked for CoPs.

What is your experience?


Image via Creative Commons