Contributing to the Network

Some people are members of a Community of Practice and some people are members of the Co-Creation Network. Some people are both. Here is a guide for how you can contribute to the Co-Creation Network as a whole and help strengthen connections across it – for you and for the Network too. Anyone can follow these suggestions whether part of a Community of Practice existing within the Network or not, and most can be done in a few minutes and at a time to suit you.

I’ll cover contributing to a Community of Practice in another post.

Via the website

There are some quick and easy ways you can start conversations on the website without needing to be part of a Community of Practice, and we encourage all registered members to do so:

  • Start by filling out your personal profile: adding a photo of yourself, saying what brings you to the Co-Creation Network, adding links to your social media accounts.
  • Visit the General Discussion Forum: add a quick “Hello” to the Introduce Yourself post and let others know you’re here and your interests. Feel free to create your own forum posts too, you might be looking for people who share your interest for a Community of Practice or you want to pick the Network’s brains. Don’t be shy!
  • Information about upcoming Network-wide events will also be shared in the General Discussion Forum, and as these events are held in the interests of the Network and its Communities of Practice, please do make suggestions for sessions, themes or speakers you would find useful.

There are other pages of the website that all members can contribute to as well:

  • Please get in touch if you would like to write a blog on your CoP story so far, to add to the News page.
  • If you find a CoP resource you would like to share more widely with the rest of the Network please add it to the Wiki! More guidance about adding to the Wiki page can be found here.
  • If you have some feedback about something in News, add a comment to the bottom of the page. On a personal note I would find this very useful, as the author of most of the news items, to know if you have used the content and in what context and if it was helpful!
  • If you have some feedback, additional info or an edit to make to something in Wiki, you can do that too (see the guidance info linked above).

Via events

  • The Co-Creation Network hosts two Network-wide Basecamp events per year in Yorkshire and the Humber, which are open to all members and anyone curious about Communities of Practice / the Network to attend. It’s always great to have people along to share their journey, research, findings of being part of a Community of Practice or similar ways of collaborative, non-hierarchical working. Please do get in touch if you would like to host a session.
  • There are also virtual meet-ups for anyone to join throughout the year (either by teleconference or Skype). The #CCNVirtual meet-ups will have a theme to help attract the right people to the conversation, and do let us know a theme or question you would like to explore on one of these two hour calls.

Via Social Media


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