Cultivating Communities of Practice Twitter Chat!

Cultivating Communities of Practice: Co Creation Network Twitter Chat!


‘In silicon valley, a community of circuit designers meet for a lively debate about the merits of two different designs developed by one of the participants. Huddling together over the circuit designs, they analyse possible faults, discuss issues of efficiency, propose alternatives, tease out each other’s assumptions, and make the case for their view.

 In Boston, a group of social workers who staff a helpline meet to discuss knotty client problems, express sympathy as they discuss difficulties, probe to understand each others feelings and gently offer suggestions. Their meetings are often deeply challenging and sometimes highly emotional. The fact driven, sometimes argumentative meetings of the silicon valley circuit designers are extremely different from the compassionate meetings of the social workers in Boston. But despite their differences, the circuit designers and social workers communities are both vibrant and full of life. Their energy is palpable to both the regular participants and visitors (Wenger et al, 2002)

The above quote is 16 years old and yet, we still think that it encapsulates what is at the heart of an energised community of practice. We also think that it reflects our experience at The Co-Creation Network, in terms of the diversity of potential domains of interest, upon which communities are formed.

Within the NHS, communities of practice offer an approach that allows groups of people with a shared passion to come together in a self governed way to collaborate and strive for improvement together. In the context of the 5 year forward view, communities of practice can help foster the conditions for working across both organisational and geographical boundaries, leveraging the potential of social networks and informal relationships for enacting positive change within our health and care system, services and teams

On Tuesday 20th March from 2000hrs-2100hrs GMT, we will be holding an online twitter chat to talk about cultivating communities of practice. You can read the full article that inspired our chat here

 The chat will be hosted by Lucy Scarisbrick, @CCNetworkcom and Vanessa Garrity, @VanessaLGarrity using the hashtag #CCNVirtual and everyone is welcome!

Whether you have an established community of practice and would like to share your experiences and consider next steps or would like to know more about how to get started with your community, we would love you to join the conversation.

We will be asking the following questions, but feel free to add your own…

  • What is a community of practice?
  • How do you define your shared domain of interest?
  • What levels of community participation might be observed within your community of practice
  • What are the merits of different levels of participation within your community?
  • How can you develop public and private spaces for your community to thrive?
  • How do you design for value with your community of practice?
  • How do you create a rhythm for the community?

Look forward to seeing you there! 

Vanessa and Lucy

Image via Creative Commons