Basecamp One

In October 2014, two workshops were held with George Por, a Fellow at Future Considerations. George is an evolutionary mentor and strategic learning partner to future-responsive leaders in business, government and civil society, in matters of radical innovation & resilience, inter-sector collaboration, collective intelligence & wisdom, communities of practice, “wildfire learning” & capability development.

The Virtuous Circle of a Community of Practice

The purpose of the workshops was to introduce the idea of Communities of Practice to an audience of health and care professionals with a passion for improving patient care, and to identify who wanted to facilitate a Community on a subject close to their heart.

Watch the video below for an introduction to the theory behind Communities of Practice.

Out of these workshops came the beginnings of the Co-Creation Network and Communities began to form, attract members and share their ideas. In January 2015, the first of our Basecamps took place. The event was a chance for all involved to come together, share their learning and give feedback on the process so far so that all communities can benefit. It was a chance for facilitators and members to learn more about the theory behind Communities of Practice and gave the opportunity to ‘pitch’ their Community to prospective new members. See the brochure below, which includes a report about Basecamp One.


And see this video, a reflection from Jules Fell on the Basecamp One:


Useful resources from Basecamp One to download below: