A warm welcome to the community of practice on the ‘safety measurement and monitoring framework in practice’.

We are working together in this community to learn from using the Charles Vincent measurement and monitoring of safety framework.

Through this community of practice we want to share and learn from each other on how we are using the framework so we can all have a deeper understanding and ability to implement and evolve the framework in order to improve the quality of care we provide to patients.


We want to use the learning generated to improve safety culture from the ward to the board. This will be done by using the framework to change conversations and mind-sets on how we talk about and approach safety; moving from the current focus on past harm to anticipatory thinking and balancing proactive and reactive measures.

This community is for anyone in the Health Foundation programme developing case studies on the use of the framework.


We know other teams are also testing the framework for themselves outside of this programme and we would be keen to share the learning. If you are currently testing the model and are interested in joining the CoP please contact Jackie Hallam. You will need to request friendship via this site and then send a private message detailing why you would like to be part of this group. Please post other general queries about CoPs and the Co-Creation Network in the General Discussion Forum.

This is a private group. To join you must be a registered site member and request group membership.