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If you’re experiencing any technical issues with the website, have queries about something you have read or watched on this website, or you would like to know more about the Co-Creation Network in general, please email Lucy Scarisbrick.

We regularly write help guides which can be found in the News section, too.

If you wish to report a user for inappropriate content or behaviour (check our terms and conditions for a guide), please contact us.

Please also see our terms and conditions for further information about this website, what it provides and our requests of our registered users.


What is the Co-Creation Network?

What is a Community of Practice?

See our blog post here.

Who looks after the Co-Creation Network?

  • Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy fund and coordinate the Co-Creation Network, which includes hosting this website, the Network-wide Basecamp events and offering support and advice to CoPs and members as required.

What is Basecamp?

  • It’s an event hosted twice a year for any member of the Network to attend (part of a Community of Practice or not), plus anyone who is curious to know more about Communities of Practice and the Network. At the event, the idea is to share what is working well and what isn’t across the Communities, as the way a CoP runs is largely the same even if the domain is wildly different. It’s also a really good opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues and strike up conversations with folks who can help you out.

Who can join the Co-Creation Network?

  • Absolutely anyone! We welcome anyone with a passion for improving patient care to join the Co-Creation Network. You can be from a health or social care organisation, education, third sector, or maybe you’re a service user looking for a way to get involved and make a difference. We’d love to have you on board.

How do I join the Co-Creation Network?

How do I set up my own Community of Practice?

What is a Facilitator?

Why are there people in my Community who don’t contribute?

  • There are members of the Co-Creation Network Support team who have joined every Community on this website, so that they can assist with issues as they arise, or perhaps make a suggestion which will help the Community along. The Support Team is Lucy Scarisbrick and Vanessa Garrity.

Why can’t I see everything on the website?

  • Most Communities want to have discussions in their own online conversation forums and share ideas privately, so their space is set to ‘private’. If you have an interest in joining that Community and want to join in, click ‘Join Community’ next to its name.

Your website is not formatted correctly!

  • Try using an alternative internet browser. Chrome or Firefox is best.

I am having problems navigating the website. 

Is there a way to be notified of conversations I’m interested in?

  • Yes! Make sure you click ‘Subscribe’ at the top of the forum page to receive email notifications of new posts in that forum. When you have successfully subscribed, the button changes to read ‘Unsubscribe’.

Within a Community page, what’s the difference between posting an update in the ‘What’s New?’ box, and posting something in the forum?

  • ‘What’s New?’ is meant for a quick comment, e.g. introducing yourself to a Community you have just joined. Comments posted as ‘What’s New?’ updates will not be archived. If you want to have a full discussion with your Community about something, or post a video or a blog that you want to make sure others will see, post this in the Community forum. Community forums will have their contents saved so you can come back to review when you need to.

You didn’t answer my question here and I found my own workaround. Do you want to know?

  • Yes please! Email Lucy Scarisbrick and I’ll update this page to share with others. Thank you in advance for your feedback!