Helen Morris

What makes you interested in our network of Communities of Practice?

Worked as part of Age UK Wakefield District team in leading on the Vanguard New Models of Care Wakefield – Frailty Theme, across sectors and disciplines. Developed Induction tool and assessment process for the community based organisations. Develoepd monthly meeting of over 20 organisations and now working with Elderly Care and Frailty Programme to developed a more focussed approach.

What area/topic of health or social care are you involved in, currently working on or/and have a passion to improve?

My total focus now is on Prevention – working with the decades 50’s, 60’s and 70’s – to encourage better levels of Self-Care and patient activation to reduce incidence of Frailty in later years of life. Planning a joint approach in next two months to maximise the ability of member organisations to reach their goals in a coordinated way, which makes sense, and is of interest, to the target populations.




Helen Morris

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