• You may have noticed that we have a new way of storing the documents uploaded to this website. This is part of the ongoing maintenance to make sure the website works and as its knowledge bank grows, that you have […]

  • Ah, so easy to say we’ll do! How can we though, really, in a way that is healthy and helpful for a Community of Practice? What ways are there to keep the energy and good feelings in the relationships you already […]

    • Hi Lucy

      Thanks for all the suggestions, I will make sure that all, or al least almost all of them are adopted for our CoP communities.

      Another method for chatting and updating which I use is ‘WhatsApp’. I find it really easy to up load and read. It is free to use, and you can add photos and documents without much fuss. information is easily shared among your communities, reaching every member (in theory) instantaneously. Chats often break out within the whole community, to share and exchange views. Even a prime technophobe such as me can use it!

      • Ah yes, Whatsapp! I need to get to grips with this. Until recently I had a Windows phone which didn’t have a compatible version of Whatsapp I could download – have now switched to Android which has made life much easier and I can explore this further. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Share your top network tips on 14 April in the #networks4health tweet chat

    Building on the success of the first #networks4health tweet chat in February, the Sustainable Improvement Team at NHS England will be […]

  • Firstly, take a look at our original Website top tips post here. This will give you some good advice about how to let other members know you have arrived at the Co-Creation Network and help you make connections, […]

  • @debclark and @angela-greenyhahsn-nhs-uk drew up a great invitation for the Human Factors Community of Practice which I thought I would share for you to use a template for your own CoP invitations.

    Download a […]

  • If you’re new to the Co-Creation Network, or maybe having a cursory look around this website to find out what it’s all about, it has occurred to me that you might not be familiar with the term Community of […]

  • It was great to have @katherinejoel join us at Winter Basecamp on the 20th January – thank you so much for coming! Katherine works for the Health Innovation Network South London and looks after the patient safety […]

  • At first thought I wondered if it was me; had I not done it ‘right’.  Should I have done more?

    I took the bold step to set up a Community of Practice around Schwartz Rounds.  Knowing that there was growi […]

    • Thank you Zoe for bravely sharing your experience on your journey. This will be useful to all facilitators.
      Facilitation of a CoP is very challenging especially in today’s environment and it isn’t always easy to discover that shared domain which will spark the passion and energy to get a CoP going.
      Maybe as a result of your learning on this journey, you will now be able to recognize a future potential community or a potential future facilitator to of a CoP in a different area? Your knowledge and experience will be of great support to others.
      Warmest, Angela.

  • “The Co-Creation Network: improving health and social care, one Community of Practice at a time”

    For: anyone interested in Communities of Practice (CoPs)

    Content: introduction to the Co-Creation Network, and […]

  • What does it mean?

    I see a Facilitator as the hostess with the mostest. You’ve found space to put on a fabulous party, invited guests who you’re sure are going to get along, and there is coffee and cake for […]

  • You’ve decided to take the plunge. You have an idea of what you want to achieve, and you know there are people out there who feel the same. Yes, you’re definitely going to do it, the time is right, there is no […]

  • There are some names which seem to pop up quite a lot in the Co-Creation Network. And if you’re new to the Network or have yet to make it to a Basecamp event, you might not have a Scooby who these people are and […]

  • Save the date for NHSIQ’s ‘Net-Workout’ on 13 January and make sure your network is fit for 2016!

    The Sustainable Improvements team in NHS England invite you to save the date for an exciting and innovative ‘Ne […]

  • So you requested to join the Co-Creation Network website… Welcome! This website is here for you to have online conversations, store useful docs / pictures / links to blogs or articles and the like, in a way that […]

  • In September I set up a community of practice called The Perinatal Mental Health Network. I was so nervous and It felt like a huge step to take. I was worried about being a facilitator and whether I would do […]

  • Our friends at the University of Leeds and the Economic and Social Research Council are offering a free seminar series which focuses on developing new approaches to professionalism in mental health. The starting […]

  • The Mindful UK Report, the first policy document of its kind, seeks to address mental health concerns in the areas of education, health, the workplace and the criminal justice system through the application of […]

  • A great opportunity to support the development of Network leadership skills that is on offer through NHS Improving Quality.

    From Monday 14th September, an innovative Network Leadership Programme is being […]

  • We’re on the look out for your contributions to Co-Creation Network news pages and newsletters! Let us know what you’re up to with your CoP, if you have seen an event or programme you think Co-Creators might like […]

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