Summer Basecamp 2015

2nd July we were delighted to host the third meeting, Summer Basecamp at Horizon Leeds for 65 participants. Our Communities of Practice are growing. We know that excellent patient-centred care is happening across health and social care. We want to connect that excellence, and help our colleagues connect with each other.

It was a day of connections and creativity, designed to leave participants feeling energised and ready for action. All existing Co-Creation Network members were invited, and please the invitation was open to anyone who would like to join a Community, or anyone interested in learning more about the Co-Creation Network in general.

As with other Basecamps participants found out more about how Communities of Practice work, and there was time set aside for the Communities to come together and share their learning.

Thank you to everyone who came along and took part.

Guest Presenters

Roger Cowell: Roger is a knowledge broker. A freelance writer and researcher in nursing and healthcare, with extensive experience as a clinical nurse in cardiology, oncology and community hospital settings and as an innovator in the presentation and communication of ideas. Curiosity, clarity and collaboration underlie his work.

Roger co-wrote the second edition of ‘Nurses at Risk: a guide to Health and Safety at Work‘.  He worked for nine years at the University of Leeds, from 2001 to 2010 in the Centre for the Development of Healthcare Policy & Practice and the Centre for Innovation in Health Management,  in posts centered on horizon scanning and supporting his colleagues’ research, teaching and consultancy needs.

Roger hosted – “If everybody’s talking at me, why don’t I hear a word they’re saying?”: A workshop about sharing knowledge.

Download Roger’s slides here 

You can read some of Roger’s previous work below, and useful docs relating to his presentation (click to download):

Practice Development in Healthcare

Knowledge Management – essential, not optional



Nancy Dixon – Does Your Organization Have an Asking Problem

Buzz a Broker-stickylabel


Community of Practice Facilitator Matthew Laurie hosted a session “Engaging communities by sharing stories”, discussing the typical ‘roles’ which might come up within a Community of Practice and asking participants which roles they were attracted to. Matthew also helped to define exactly what a Community of Practice is, and gave real life examples for Communities by other names (chess club, anyone?)

Listen to Matthew’s Presentation below:

Download Matthew’s slides here

Download Matthew’s handouts here:

Agenda Activist 

Critical Friends

Social Reporter

External Messenger

Community Keeper


Facilitators Sarah de Biase, Tony Jamieson and Liz Watson hosted a session around evaluation, “Painting a picture of the value created by your COP”.

Download their slides here

Download their handout here


We started an asset mapping excercise, to show the Co-Creation Network its connections and how its members could help each other by making introductions. You can view the start of this exercise here – it is a work in progress and we expect to fill it out even further over the coming weeks!

Download the Asset Map here

Download Asset Map slides here

Download Asset Map handouts here:

For a Community of Practice

For an individual


See our agenda for the day below:

Summer Basecamp Agenda